Social Media Analytics, What’s Important?

It’s a daunting task to create regular and engaging social posts let alone spend the time pouring over your analytics to figure out what your followers like, but it’s almost a necessary evil.

What’s important?
Facebook for example spits out tons and tons of data, it’s enough to make you want to shut your computer down and walk away especially if you’re not a numbers person.
So how do you cut through the clutter with each platform and zero in on the highlights?

Which social media metrics matter most?

Typical metrics to look at on your social platforms:
1) Engagement – audience interaction (could be in the form of comments, shares, likes, mentions etc.)

2) Impressions – the number of times a post shows up in somebody’s feed.

3) Reach – the potential unique viewers a post could have (so the number of different sets of eyeballs seeing your post.)

Other metrics to look at depending on which measurement tool you are using:

1) Share of voice – how much of the online world is talking about you compared to your competition – hard to stay at the top because of competition but certainly a metric to watch

2) Referrals – this is what you see in Google Analytics. This shows you how somebody landed on your website – which social platform they come from. This one is always interesting to see. In Google Analytics you can see specifically which social media platform is sending traffic to your website.

3) Conversions – you converted somebody to do something. The visitor is no longer just browsing through your site. They took an action and purchased something or gave you their email address to download a white paper, subscribe to an email newsletter, downloaded a coupon, etc. The term conversion can be applied when you “convert” somebody visiting your site into doing something.

4) Response rate/time – how fast is your team responding to consumers? If your business is one that has a Trip Advisor profile you can see review response rate in your dashboard. This is a great measurement to see how your employees are doing and an opportunity to see your super stars as well!

Social media metrics may seem like a waste of time especially if you personally are not on social media. In reality, by reviewing your metrics it can help you see if a campaign or strategy is successful. Looking at your metrics can also help you create future post content catered to what your followers like most.

Where do I see my analytics?

Facebook – you will find them in your insights tab
Twitter – click on the analytics tab (after clicking the “more” tab)
Instagram and Pinterest – you will need business accounts for these platforms to see your analytics. For Instagram, use your phone and click the thumbnail in the lower right of your screen then click the three hash marks in the upper right of your screen, then select “Insights”. For Pinterest click the “Analytics” tab in the top left hand corner of your profile page then select “Overview.”
Google Analytics – click on “Acquisition” from the left side of your screen, then click “All Traffic” then select “Referrals” and you will see which sites are sending traffic to your website.

If you do not have time to dive into your social media analytics delegate this task to somebody else and ask for the highlights. If you want to maximize your social media opportunities to gain new customers, it is certainly worth your time to review the metrics and see what is working and get rid of what’s not working.

If you find your business is struggling to make sense of its social media metrics, give us a call at 407-341-0582. We can shed some light so you can maximize your efforts. Learn more about social media and how it can help your business.