Nowadays, it is well-known that Content Marketing is essential for a strategy in Digital Marketing. As the years pass, the internet offers you tons of information about the same topic. The complexity lies in giving the best answers with a narrative shaped to engage the reader.

Role Of “The Content” In Marketing

Let’s start at the beginning, content is any valuable information that your company has that brings knowledge to your buyer. Recognizing why your readers visit your page is essential to crafting content that adds value. Infographics, eBooks, videos, or an article published on the website, are part of “content”. It is important to provide unique and useful information on your website.

Search engines are designed to find quality content and rank it to be viewed by the consumer searching. Search engines show the most relevant information and at the same time, create a user experience; the right combination of both will improve your SEO and you will rank higher on the results pages of search engines.

Tip: A good content goal to consider is, solve a particular problem with concise answers. Search Engines Are Constantly Updating

In the past year, the “HOW TO words” have become more popular and well ranked.

When you have optimized content, consumers enjoy reading the article, thereby spending more time on your website. Often the duration of time a consumer spends on your site, will produce leads that can convert to sales.

Think of it like this, when you search for some information on Google, do you type the whole sentence? Google has begun answering questions or making suggestions near the top of the results page, suggesting “people also ask,” the most visited recent answers, and a small list of suggestions.

Example: How to tie your shoe? A video shows first, which Google is allowing you to play without having to navigate away from the search results. Likewise, just below that it will show “people also ask”, which links to specific articles on websites that also answer the question.

Google Search Results

Google returns with the most relevant pages, and if your website optimizes the data, that is how content contributes to your website SEO.

Elements That Affect Search Engine Optimization

Some of the most critical elements in SEO are the following:


Keywords play an essential role in your SEO strategy. Ultimately the keywords or keyphrases chosen will make it easier to find your website, products, or services, and if we do a good job, it converts into sales.

Essentially, have a clear and short description of your products and services that are well organized. If not, even if you have something great to offer, you run the risk of a user getting bored and navigating away from your page.

Titles And Descriptions

Adding a good page title is part of SEO; this will help the search engine to find your webpage fast. Pay attention to length and remember each page should be unique including the title; if not, it will be seen as duplicate or not crucial to the search result.

Your page’s meta description should be no more than 158 characters. The meta description summarizes what is on your website page and is displayed in the search results. It’s important to have an intriguing line of text in order to draw in consumers. The more your website is clicked on, the better for SEO.

Meta Description

Provide Content With A Purpose

If you want to excel amongst others, your content must have these basic parameters: it should be informative, entertaining, and fresh. For example, you should show your experience, useful tips, and/or reveal insight into the brand.

Before the actual algorithm, people repeatedly added the same keyword in a sentence, and people were bombarded by annoying, hard-to-read text. The Googlebot crawls web pages via links; it finds and reads new and updated content and suggests what should be added to the index.

Use Content To Create Strong Bonds

Taking advantage of Content creates solid relationships with your audience; all you need is to have a clear idea of what your audience needs from you. Solve a problem for them. In other words, your website must continuously update by creating dynamic content.

If you get the reader to feel attracted to the information, they will probably return for more data.

Don’t forget the videos as content.

A high-quality video is another piece of content that helps your website. Recent studies have shown that in 2019 videos will rank your website better.

Update Blog Section

Readers are looking for original research that can be consumed thoroughly but also easily understood.

For example, if you are a law student and want answers on what to do after a car accident, you google it and find many law firm websites with that information. For that reason, your content must have original content to avoid plagiarism. Remember what we mention about these basic parameters, informative, entertaining, and fresh data.

Manage Your Content

Keep the team on task and help ensure the flow of content meets company goals. Ensure your brand remains consistent, online monitor content continuously, and respond to or remove comments as necessary.

Always check for customer trends and make the adjustments in your content that need to be made.

If you would like to have a review of your website, give Strategic Online Marketing a call. We have experience creating fresh qualified content to better rank your company’s SEO.