Every year new marketing and communication trends pop up and tried and true methods continue to make a difference for businesses and organizations. While we don’t have a crystal ball, we predict technology will remain important in all aspects of marketing.

Marketing has always been an important part of our lives. It helps us buy products that we need, and it also helps companies sell their products to us. In this article, we will look at how marketers plan to use technology to reach people in the future.

Security must be an utmost priority
A full security review should be at the top of every marketer’s list this year. In addition to updating passwords, make sure you’ve implemented two-factor authentication for your personal and business website, social media channels and anything else that requires a password. Your goal is to prevent unauthorized users from accessing and taking over your online spaces.

We were surprised to learn 9 in 10 responding companies’ computer systems have been breached at least once in the last year, and more than half have suffered consequences for a breach, according to a new Deloitte survey.

Influencer marketing will continue to evolve
While we rarely recommend paying for influencers or sending free products, we always recommend asking for reviews and thanking those who leave you a review. Yes, occasionally someone may leave you a negative review, but instead of looking at this as if it is an attack look at it as if it is an opportunity to improve. We are happy to help you respond to negative reviews, just contact us.

Thought Leadership will continue to dominate
Helping your leadership team or owner become a thought leader is more than just sharing posts on LinkedIn and other social media channels. The ultimate goal is to create content that establishes your team and organization as a leader in your field. You can do this by sharing your specific expertise on multiple platforms and continuing to participate in professional development opportunities. You should start by answering the questions your customers and clients ask most often. This is more than an FAQ page. To become a thought leader, you should provide more in-depth answers and share why you and your business are the best experts to in the field.

We’re here to help
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