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The Online Content Writer is responsible for generating original creative ideas and writing online content while working independently and within a team. In this position the individual will research products, services, technology, or concepts to be documented and written about, so it is easily understood by a broad audience.

Job Functions:
Content Development:
• Create content in the form of articles, blogs and press releases based on the data collected from your research
a. Create a minimum of 3 blogs per month
b. Create a minimum of 3 press releases per month
c. Create a minimum of 3 articles per month

• Create content for social media posts
a. Create a minimum of 8 social media posts per week

• Create content for e-mail marketing newsletters
a. Create a minimum of 3 e-mail newsletters per month

Other Job Functions:
• Carry out research on topics assigned
• Determine the clearest and most logical way to present information for greatest reader comprehension
• Generate original and innovative ideas for content
• Appropriately address specialized topics
• Research and analyze current information (including statistics) and write content based on findings in a legal and ethical manner
• Fact-check any data collected during the research process
• Convert the information acquired into readable, easy-to-understand content tailored to specific audiences
• Revise work based on editorial feedback
• Read project briefs and use them to develop content for assignments
• Review and/or edit content developed by other team members
• Create customer friendly review responses
• Other functions as requested by management

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities Needed:
• Fluent in the English language, especially the rules of syntax, punctuation, and grammar
• Previous experience with marketing focused internet research
• Previous experience developing content for search engine optimization
• Proven experience in writing online content
• A college degree or experience equivalent
• Working knowledge of WordPress, Constant Contact, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Business
• Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
• Excellent time management
• Ability to stick to deadlines
• Good observation skills and a keen attention to detail
• Excellent creativity skills
• Self-starter
• Takes initiative
• Works well independently
• Out of the box thinker
• Creative
• Task Oriented
• Works well with others
• Deadline oriented
• Detail oriented

• Must have own computer
• Must have own internet access
• Ability to work effectively in Microsoft Office systems and applications
• Productive work-at-home capability
• Ability to meet weekly via conference call or Microsoft Teams
• May require face to face meetings, some light travel may be necessary

This is a part-time position. Current workload is expected to be between 5 – 8 hours per week and may grow over time. Compensation is hourly and based on experience.

If interested please email a cover letter, a customized resume and 3 different writing samples (blog, press release, social media posts or online article) to [email protected]

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