Thanks to Covid-19, e-mail marketing has generated much more noise in people’s inboxes compared to “pre-pandemic” times. According to Hubspot, “open rates have not only remained steady relative to the increased send volume, they have actually gone up. Marketers sent 21% more emails during Q2 than Q1 in 2020.”

Think of your own inbox, have you seen more e-mails coming in from your favorite brands you haven’t heard from in a while?

If you’re not doing e-mail marketing or haven’t sent something out in a while, now is the time to get on board! If you are struggling for content ideas consider these:

1) New products/services you are offering

2) Awards won

3) Customer testimonials/reviews

3) Special offers/manufacturer incentives or rebates

4) Updates to staff – new hires

5) Videos of recent projects

6) Industry trends/articles/info graphs

7) Top sales people for the month – include their photo too

8) How to article – i.e. how to find the best financial planner, how to know when you need new tires, etc.

9) Announce your newest blog post

10) Announce your newest press release

11) Remind people of your business hours

12) Remind people to follow you on social media

Your e-mail campaign doesn’t have to be long. Less is more. Just one, two or three content pieces at most. Enough to remind customers and prospects you are still in business. Don’t forget to include your email address, phone number, links to your website and your social media and if you offer a brick and mortar location include your physical address as well.