Why You Need To Be On Both Google Maps and Apple Maps?

As a business, reaching as many potential customers as possible is mission-critical. So, it is not an either/or decision when it comes to using Google Maps vs. Apple Maps. Assuming you are already using Google Maps, here are some reasons to add Apple Maps to your advertising strategy:

Build Audience
If you read no further than here, this is the number one reason you should add Apple Maps to your advertising arsenal. Both Google and Apple are popular mapping apps. Having a presence on both can significantly increase your reach and visibility. It is essential for you to claim your Google listing, but it’s also necessary to be on Apple Maps. After all, there are approximately 120 million iPhone users in the United States. And that doesn’t include iPad or Macs. And for Apple users, Apple Maps is already integrated into their devices, so they don’t have to download an additional app.

Boost Visibility
A listing on Apple Maps can be beneficial because it is one of the default mapping apps on Apple devices, which means potential customers trying to find businesses in your area might be more likely to come across your listing on an Apple device. And if you claim your business, you can add your photos, hours, and contact information.

Enhance SEO
You can improve your local search optimization by having listings on both platforms. Providing current information on Google Maps and Apple Maps will increase the chances of your business appearing in search results when people do their search.

Utilize More Features
Apple Maps and Google Business have different features in their mapping apps that, when combined, can be very useful to you. For example, Apple Maps has a “Look Around” feature that provides 3D street-level imagery in select locations and integrates with Siri so places can be obtained hands-free. Google Business’s “Google My Business” provides insights and analytics on how people interact with your listing.

Increase Flexibility
By utilizing both platforms, you can adapt to changes as necessary. For example, if one platform changes its algorithms or introduces new features, having a presence on both apps affords you the flexibility to make changes in case one of the platforms becomes less effective.

Strengthen Privacy
Apple Maps is the beneficiary of Apple’s emphasis on privacy. The App doesn’t collect as much data on you as Google Maps does, and Apple has a ” fuzzing ” feature to make it more difficult for advertisers to track you.

If those weren’t enough reasons to list your business on Apple Maps, here’s one more: IT’S FREE.

One More Thing
If you need more information and guidance on maximizing results using these Apps for your business, please call Strategic Online Marketing at 407.341.0582. We’re here to help you navigate this, as we have with countless other companies. We look forward to speaking with you.