You may already be sending out e-mail newsletters, but do you struggle to get people to open your campaigns? Are your open rates under 10%?

It could be your subject line. It could be your content or it could be the day of the week or time of day you are sending. All of these can affect your open rate.

If you have struggled in getting people to open your e-mail newsletters you may want to try these tips:

1) Keep your subject line short -According to Hubspot up to 77% of e-mail opens are on a mobile device. Make your subject line fewer than 50 characters

2) Use action oriented verbs – use words or phrases that will encourage people to open your newsletter

3) Make people feel special – for example “Your Invited”, “My Gift To You”

4) Personalization – insert the person’s first name in the subject line or use the words “you” or “your”

5) Communicate urgency

6) Ask a question in your subject line

7) Don’t use all caps or overuse exclamation points

8) Set your preview text, it gives your recipient a glimpse of the content inside your e-mail

9) A/B test your subject line

10) Use numbers in your subject line – for example “Save 10% Now”

If you’re still struggling in setting a regular e-mail marketing schedule, don’t have time to plan out the content or just need to get an e-mail out there give me a call. I may be able to help.